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DA was founded to empower kids for a better future through nonconventional sports and the positive lessons they can provide. We’re an IRS approved nonprofit. Your support goes a long way and any donation makes a difference.

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Our Mission:

To instill positive attributes in the youth through nonconventional sports and education about the environment that enables them. Through the sharing of sports such as scuba diving, surfing, skateboarding and more, we believe we can help the youth stay active, develop positive qualities and create a community. We provide a fun experience for our participants through mentoring and team building events.

Instill Positive Attributes


Create A Community

Upcoming Events:

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  • Spanish River Beach Cleanup (6/23/2018) 
  • Intercoastal Cruise Cleanup (5/26/2018) Details
  • Youth Scuba Diver Applications Deadline Details

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Daily Adrenaline Skate Competition

By putting on a skate competition we were able to help the youth stay active, focus on healthy competition, find mentors, and overall encourage them to come together and create a community.

We were able to do so through the help of Phipps Park and several local sponsors. Click the link below to read more!

Our Team

Daily Adrenaline was created by 3 friends. We’ve been involved in extreme and alternative sports in varying capacities, and believe that fostering a community for the kids involved in them can be hugely beneficial. We believe that investing in the youth is one of the best ways to keep them engaged, help them make friends, and keep them out of trouble. Your help enables us to do that and we’re incredibly thankful for any and all support!
Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis


Andrew Santoro

Andrew Santoro


Gulshan Oshan

Gulshan Oshan


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