What the research says about nonconventional sports

Participation in sports by children and young adults is associated with a range of documented physical, emotional, educational, and other benefits that will last into adulthood. We believe that extreme sports can provide the same benefits as team sports, are not exclusive and can provide benefits not seen in traditional team sports!

Some kids are happier riding their skateboards than dealing with the structure of soccer practice. Others like cruising around on their bikes or spending an entire weekend learning new tricks on their inline skates. But beyond being fun, sports of any type will help them build character and give them a competitive edge that will get them further in life. Here are the top benefits of extreme sports.



Physical activity is the most obvious benefit of sports participation, and because it’s fun they don’t even realize they are exercising. Exercise helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. It helps control weight and reduce fat, preventing or delaying the onset of high blood pressure and other issues. Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as adolescents that do not play sports.


The same principles that apply to sports participation – dedication, hard work, and patience – can also be applied to academics. Physical activity is associated with improved grades, higher standardized test scores, enhanced overall concentration, attention, and improved classroom behavior.

These benefits will also extend to higher education – high school and college – as well as the workplace. A survey of 400 female corporate executives found that 94% played a sport and that 61% say that sports participation has contributed to their career success.


Of Corporate Executives played a sport


Say that sports participation had a direct contribution to their success

Social / Psychological

Physical activity can also positively affect aspects of personal development among young people. Self-esteem, goal setting, and leadership skills are learned through hard work and practice. Adolescents learn how to pick themselves up and keep going, a very important skill that helps them build character and resilience.

Good discipline, following rules, accepting decisions put forth by coaches and judges, and listening to their peers will help them learn important interpersonal life skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. They will learn to respect themselves, others, and in some cases with outdoor extreme sports – the environment.


Cost & Access to Equipment / Areas to Play

Barriers to sports participation include the cost of equipment and other fees and access to safe and accessible play spaces. In 2015, about one in three parents (32%) from households making less than $50,000/year told researchers that sports cost too much and make it too difficult for their child to continue participating. Time spent in green outdoor spaces has been shown to boost focus and concentration, but in some cities as many as two-thirds of children are without access to a nearby park.

Tech & Other Distractions

Another barrier we’ve seen to sports participation is that children often spend too much time watching television or playing video games. These products have gotten better and better at getting and keeping their attention. We believe that extreme sports can provide an opportunity not only for exercises but also thrilling entertainment.

In Conclusion

Sports participation by children and young adults is associated with a range of health, social, and educational benefits that can last into adulthood. But increasingly, many young people opt out while others are locked out due to a lack of resources or access to programs while health and other needs go unmet.

This is where we at Daily Adrenaline come in with your help. We want to help the kids overcome these hurdles, provide the financial help for kids who are interested in trying extreme sports, and make sure they have safe access to places where they can participate with like-minded adolescents. When you give to Daily Adrenaline, an IRS approved tax-deductible nonprofit, you support the kids. Your help goes a long way and any donation makes a difference. Thank you!

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