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What Daily Adrenaline Is All About

Daily Adrenaline was founded to empower kids for a better future. We’re a nonprofit that is focused on helping the youth stay active, develop positive attributes, provide education and build a sense of community through non-conventional sports.

Our Team

Daily Adrenaline was created by 3 friends. We’ve been involved in extreme and alternative sports in varying capacities, and believe that fostering a community for the kids involved in them can be hugely beneficial. We believe that investing in the youth is one of the best ways to keep them engaged, help them make friends, and keep them out of trouble. Your help enables us to do that and we’re incredibly thankful for any and all support!

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis


Andrew Santoro

Andrew Santoro


Gulshan Oshan

Gulshan Oshan


Postive Attributes We Strive To Instill


The kids involved in our events will be able to meet other like-minded people their age.


Nonconventional sports, unlike other sports, provide a different level of independence – there is no coach to push you and no teammates to help shoulder responsibility.


By making forward progress in a sport you learn how important being productive is to the end goal.


By teaching kids about the environment and the need to sustain it for these sports to take place, we help them develop a sense of responsibility and recognition of their actions.


Through the education process, like a scuba certification, kids will learn to focus better without a school system to enforce their habits.


When you can achieve something in a sport on your own merits you start to develop confidence in yourself.


Nonconventional sports teach one to be self-motivated, there is no team to fall back on and no coach to push you. The individual must learn how to personally excel and push themselves to be better.


Nonconventional sports, like other sports, teach you to ambitiously strive to be better

Education We Look To Provide

Perform Well Under Pressure

Surfing, skateboarding, scuba diving, all require you to adapt on the fly. Whether it be dropping in on a large wave or swimming quickly to follow a sea turtle, you’re learning to operate under pressure.

Practice Safety

Every nonconventional sport requires some safety precautions and that’s one of the primary facets of each sport we emphasize.


Every kid participating in a sport looks up to someone who’s better than them. We look to provide a mentor or role model when possible to help inspire every boy or girl who participates in any of our events.

Increase Environmental Awareness

We work to educate kids on how the environment plays a role in the nonconventional sports and why it is important to preserve. Not enough kids think about their actions and how it affects our world and we aim to help fix that.

Rescue Skills

Tying into safety training, learning appropriate rescue skills are crucial for participating in these types of sports. For instance, knowing how to help a fellow scuba diver if they are losing air is a massively important skill to have.

Building Community

An interconnected group of people

It’s not always easy to find other people who are interested in nonconventional sports, we try to make that easier.

Support group

If you’re struggling with progression or anything else we like to think of the Daily Adrenaline community as your support group, to help you get to the next level.

Community events

We host events where no one is excluded. The focus will be on the youth, but we encourage all ages to get involved in the events.

Our Beliefs

We are providing kids of all walks of life an opportunity to participate in a nonconventional sports organization that strives for positive development. We do this by hosting events, growing a community, providing mentors, and focusing on the importance of protecting our environment.

If you like Daily Adrenaline’s core mission, we encourage you to donate or volunteer for an event. Every donation makes a difference, and if you’d like to find out more about upcoming events that you can participate in, check out our events page.

We hope to see you soon!

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